What hot tub accessories do I need?

Hot tubs are a great way to relax and unwind after a long day, but the experience can be even better when partnering the right accessories with this luxury piece of equipment. When it comes to hot tub accessories, there are a lot of options out there and not all are necessary.  

In this article, our hot tub suppliers will cover some of the essential accessories that can help you get the most out of your hot tub and a truly relaxing experience.  

Hot Tub Cover

One of the most important accessories that we recommend purchasing for any hot tub is a cover. A good cover can help keep debris out of your hot tub, which can consequently save you time and money on maintenance. It can also help keep the water in your hot tub at a consistent temperature, which can save you money on energy bills. When choosing a hot tub cover, be sure to look for one that is durable and fits your hot tub properly.

At Hot Tub Pool & Spa, we stock the finest hot tub covers that guarantee to keep your hot tub clean of debris, sticks and other unwanted materials. Designed to withstand various weather conditions, our hot tub protectors are a worthwhile investment and can prevent this modern equipment from flooding or becoming dirty.  

Hot Tub Steps

Getting in and out of a hot tub can sometimes be tricky, especially if you have mobility issues. Hot tub steps can make getting in and out of your hot tub easier and safer for those who wish to wind down. They also provide a stable surface to stand on while you're getting in and out of your hot tub, reducing the chance of slipping on the wet ground and causing injuries. Our UK hot tub suppliers highly recommend looking for steps that are sturdy and slip-resistant.

Hot Tub Chemicals

Maintaining the right chemical balance in your hot tub is essential for keeping the water clean and safe to use. Hot tub chemicals can help you achieve the right balance of pH, alkalinity, and chlorine or bromine.  

You'll also need a test kit to measure the chemical levels in your hot tub, confirming that it is performing optimally and is completely safe to use. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for using hot tub chemicals, and always wear gloves and eye protection when handling them.

If you choose to buy one of these hot tubs near me, our professionals will clearly explain the right approach to your selected hot tub or lazy spa. We will demonstrate how to keep your hot tub clean and at the appropriate balance of chemicals in the water. Equally, if you are looking for hot tub hire, upon delivery our technicians can demonstrate the same important methods for you to follow.  

Hot Tub Filters

Hot tub filters are another essential accessory for keeping your hot tub water clean. They help remove debris and other contaminants from the water, which can help extend the life of your hot tub and make it more enjoyable to use.  

You may be concerned about regularly needing to fill your hot tub, particularly if it is well-used by yourself, family and friends. However, introducing a hot tub filter can maintain clean water for a longer amount of time. Be sure to clean your hot tub filters regularly and replace them as needed.

Hot Tub Lights

Adding lights to your hot tub can create a relaxing and soothing ambience that is the perfect evening escape. You can choose from a variety of colours and styles, including LED lights that change hues as you wish. Some hot tub lights even come with a remote control, so you can change the lighting without getting out of the tub and messing with the controls. Enjoy the comfort of your hot tub with powered jets and subtle lighting to experience a well-deserved moment of tranquillity and peace.

Buy hot tub accessories from us  

In conclusion, these are just a few of the many hot tub accessories available. By investing in the right accessories, you can make your hot tub experience even more enjoyable. Remember to choose accessories that are durable, safe, and compatible with your hot tub.

If you are looking to buy a hot tub, take a look at the luxury ranges we can supply and deliver to you. On the other hand, for those that don’t fancy committing to the full cost of this home addition, we offer a premium hot tub hire service that can be tailored to suit your requirements and time frames.  

At Hot Tub & Spa, we stock fantastic accessories for your new piece of equipment that will make all the difference to your experience and logistics. Get in touch to discover how we can benefit your impressive bit of kit!  

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